Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem


Rondoish – Live @ Kammerkonzert 2, 05.04.13 (Little Kiss Compilation releaseparty)

A piece vaguely inspired by the classical rondo form, a form within which a recurring main theme alternates with one or more contrasting themes. This is a live recording from the release party of the “Little Kiss Compilation”-CD put together by the artist-run label ANIMALS. Check out their webpage here.

From [current position] to [choose place]

Solo improvisation within a structural framework. The structural idea is to make new musical elements emerge out of old ones, creating a piece that is slowly developing in a linear fashion.

“the instinct for making sounds is a survival of savagery”

Piece by Aron Dahl Commisioned and performed by Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem. Voice: Nikolai Fullman Performed during the exhibition “THE SOLOMON – THE JOSEPHINE” by Petrine Lillevold Vinje

For 1, 2 or 3 People – Christian Wolff

Solo interpretation of page four from “For 1, 2 or 3 People” (published 1964) by Christian Wolff. This interpretation was first performed at Ila Fysikalske 14.08.12.

December 1952 – Earle Brown

Interpretation of Earle Browns classic Open Form composition December 1952 from Folio and 4 Systems. This interpretation was first performed at Ila Fysikalske 14.08.12.

Falten for Electric Guitar – William Engelen

First performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo 14. September 2012, as part of the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival.

William Engelens webpage can be found here.